Listed below are just a few of the events that happened over the years in and around Dublin this month.

In May 1914, an Alameda County branch library opened in the Green Store.

In 1960, the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory in San Francisco released a report about an experiment it conducted.  One hundred people participated in a two-week test of living in a bomb shelter at Camp Parks.  The “shelterees” included Alameda County Jail inmates, deputy sheriffs and Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory staff.

In 1967, John C. Mape Memorial Park was dedicated on Memorial Day.  Commander Mape, U.S. Navy, died over North Vietnam on April 13, 1966.  He is noted as being Dublin’s first resident killed during the Vietnam War.

In 1973, Dublin’s first modern hotel, the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge opened.

In 1976, as part of a training exercise, a local fire academy accidentally burned down the Fallon house, one of the last pioneer family homes.

In 1988, two Dublin citizens debated the merits of a Dublin city ordinance limiting “trash” in residential yards on the Phil Donahue Show during a May 19, episode.  The episode debated various U.S. city ordinances on the matter.

In 1997, the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station officially opened.

In 2002, Alameda County firefighter Sekou Turner died while responding to an emergency incident in Dublin.

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